Agriculture Training Center (ATC) Agrotechnology UMY serves as a medium to develop and implement various agricultural technologies produced by Agrotechnology Study Program UMY to all stakeholders, including lecturers, students, community organizations, teachers and senior high school students, graduate users, and so on. ATC Facilities

The implementation of learning in agrotechnology supported by Laboratory Facilities. Agrotechnology Studies Program is equipped with Plant Science Laboratory, Plant Protection Laboratory, Soil Laboratory and Fertilizer, Agrobiotechnology Laboratory, In Vitro Culture Laboratory, Postharvest Laboratory, Landscape Laboratory, Biochemistry Laboratory. In addition Agrotechnology Prodi also has facilities Greenhouse and Experimental Garden. Each laboratory is managed by a space chief and laboratory staff. Laboratory Facilities.

The energy-efficient house is a real work of cooperation between UMY and Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TuE) with CASINDO conducted with Faculty of Agriculture, Economy, and
Engineering UMY, this house does not require air conditioning equipment and can convert energy. The energy-efficient house