Learning Process

Curriculum which is used in Agrotechnology has been referring to Higher Education Standard Curriculum 2016 from Education Ministry. Curriculum Agrotechnology UMY

A research proposal is a written explanation that consists of planning of students’ research in the part of arrangement the research which is as last assignment for the students to end up all education process in agrotechnology department, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. A research proposal is written in short, comprehensive, and clear then consists of background, main idea, and conclusion.

Intenship program is activity that students do in the field such as company or institution in the purpose of increasing knowledge and creativity. The purpose of internship is to give additional knowledge about agriculture activity in the real life and increase the quality of the graduates in their experience/creativity also developing society commitment through Learning by Doing.

E-learning Agrotechnology is one is one of the learning media to facilitate teaching and learning activities both students and lecturers. E-learning Faculty of Agriculture has been established since 2007. Since then also students and lecturers began to actively use E-learning. E-learning Fakultas Pertanian

The Agrotechnology Department targets graduates to have some competencies and achieve one of the profiles. All competencies are obtained by students during the lecture process so that it is expected to achieve the graduate profile set by the Study Program. Profile and Graduate Competencies